LVAN Endurance Talk

LVAN Endurance Talk The Lea Valley Area (athletics) Network asked me to give a talk to coaches and athletes on 'endurance' on 18th Jan '12. Thanks to all those who took time out of their evening to come along, hear what I had to say on the subject and to ask questions and generally... Read more

TPRC Track Jan-Mar 2012

January to March is the time of longer cross country racing. There are Southerns and Nationals over the coming weeks, and these are long and very tough races. So to get prepared both physically and mentally, you need to put in the hard session. Therefore the track schedule contains longer sessions w... Read more

Frozen Fat Ass 50K

Frozen Fat Ass 50K. After about 3-hours of poor quality sleep I finally dragged my carcass out of bed just before 5am. A toothache had prevented anything resembling a restful night, so I was far from best prepared for a 50km run. But that was what lay ahead; the Frozen FatAss 50k in Fordham, Essex... Read more

TPRC Sub-20 Autumn

Hi folks, click here to download the spreadsheet of track training for September and October 2011. This phase of training sees much longer reps and overall session volume. However, it's essential that the pace guide is followed. If a 6000m+ session is done much faster than the suggested... Read more

TPRC Track schedules

Hi all, Here is the next couple of months training schedule for the plus-20 groups. There are three options: one schedule for sub-50min / 10k, another for 50-60min / 10k, and a third for the runners progressing from the beginners group. Click here for the spreadsheet. I'll be at the track to s... Read more

TPRC Ultra Team Training

Hey there sports-fans!! Here's the programme that I've forwarded to a couple of you - click here. First sheet's the build up to the New Forest Marathon in Sept and the second's the Brecon 40 in Dec. It is a cautious build up as it's based around what I plan to be doing and given... Read more

Trent Park Running Club Training

I belong to Trent Park Running Club in North London and coach track for them at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium in Enfield. I had put together the weekly track sessions for the <20min/5k group and was asked to also plan their other weekly sessions. The linked excel sheet outlines general weekly train... Read more

Sub-20 Group Track and Hills

This is a bit of a Ronseal posting - it's a link to a spreadsheet with the session plan for Tuesday track sessions and Saturday hill session for the sub-20 group of Trent Park Running Club.The sessions a fairly light on volume at the moment as most athletes are currently competing in the bi-week... Read more

Programme for a fast hundred

Programme for a fast hundred Following the FatAss and Brecon ultra's just a few days apart, I'm feeling surprisingly good. So much so that I've tinkered with the programme and have come up with the attached. If you're at all interested in what kinda training it might take to run... Read more

Understanding the Risk of Exercise-Associated Hyponatraemia during Endurance Running

In recent years there has been a great deal of research into exercise-associated hyponatraemia (EAH). EAH is defined as serum sodium (Na+) concentration of less than 135 mmol/L, which essentially refers to an excessive dilution of serum sodium levels resulting in an electrolyte imbalance. Prior to 1... Read more

The Barefoot Professor

Professor D. Lieberman is perhaps one of the most respected evolutionary biologists around and in this short video he gives an insight into some recent work that was published in Nature journal. In 2004 he worked with Dennis Bramble on The Running Man theory (that we have evolved for running ability... Read more

Bare your feet

Imagine threading a needle while wearing a thick pair of mittens. It's probably next to impossible to do because we rely so heavily on both our hand-eye coordination and the sensory feedback from our hands when performing complex tasks. Now imagine running while wearing a thick soled running sho... Read more

Barefoot running, questions and answers

The following is a very brief Q&A that gives short answers to some of the common questions relating to barefoot running. It must be stressed that these answers only partly answer each question as each question is a research project in itself. In truth, there is still much that is unknown about g... Read more